Huwebes, Setyembre 10, 2015


Using MS DOS

   I learn a lot using MS DOS. I learn how to operate it properly some of the commands to use or to operate it. Like from how to open it, just type cmd and t create a folder the command is mkdir  and just type the file name that you wanted to create and I learn also how to delete a file by typing a command rd and most of all I learn how to hide a file. And through our activities,  it test our skills, if we can operate it right and if we can make it  on our own. Of course, we can`t make it without the help of our beautiful and lovely Prof. of our school Prof. Ellez Mondejar that`s why we want to thank her for helping us to know very well how to use the MS DOS.

That`s all I got thanks!

- Ima Grace L . Abenojar